Yucay was very small, one street a couple of hundred meters long, drawn from the ground in adobe, brown and dirty. We had driven through there earlier thinking these were some kind of old fallen down ruins, not to know it was a regular village. Culture shock.
However, there was a small church, a priest, and also a small Spanish colonial
hotel Alhambra Tres, where we moved in.  There we lived on the balconies,
we waited, and waited, while continuing to treat the population that came.
In the village also existed a colonial mansion, Casa Grande,
which we finally managed to rent and where we started up again.
Closer to our goal now, which was an old hacienda
called Huayo Ccari further down the valley.
The same happened though as at the previous place Rumi Chaca.
For after having cleaned up the Casa Grande house n’gardens, washed and painted
and repaired and made it all habitable, the owner suddenly needed it for tourists.
So, we were so lucky as to move across the street into some nice
adobe houses owned by a Spanish lady, Casa Torres.
The same happened there though; as soon as we had put all to order, habitable according to Scandinavian standards, the lady needed the place for tourists.
Upon which the local priest took pity on us and we moved into the yard of the tiny church of the Paroquia Yucay and rented two rooms there.

Then, the planets intervened!
Came the message from the owner of the Hacienda Huayo Ccari,
a letter telling us that he would lease us the place for one year.
How happy we were, right on the planetary power spot! 
The long wait had not been in vain. A beautiful beautiful space for our University!
Up in the mountains, far from people, plenty of space, ten acres to grow food,
all within one wall, barely any water, no toilets but who cares!
Now we got down to serious business.
Ahambra 3
Alhambra 3 b
Alhambra 3 c
and waiting...
and waiting
The andennes on the mountain
Casa Torres, our center
Casa Torres
Peter Maron at the center entrance
Peter Maron at work
Ginn Jahr at work
Plaza life
Burros on the plaza
Yucay street with local
Yucay street
Life in Yucay
el aguila