After having found the small holding that would become our home farm
and having moved in and settled there, we also found a place for the starter of our clinic.
A local grocery shop situated at a crossroad, Arneberg, in the woods was rented
and turned into a reception for our recipients. This took off very fast.
Whereupon we needed bigger space, which we found down in the valley in Moelv,
Into this building, a shopping center of one block, we moved in, and started
'Backyard Body Center'. We took into use the whole as other businesses moved out.
There we ran a Spinologi treatment department, our offices, consultation, a sun studio
  an art gallery on our own art, as the Dean and all of the staff are also artists in their own right.

Also a gym; with step, pump, slide, aerobics and spinning in addition to the resistance-weight-training.
The step-classes offered were the first in the country north of Oslo. We also held courses in Tai chi
and self-defence and were the instigators and faciliators of the Tai Quando and Aikido clubs in Moelv.
Local outdoor summer events in Moelv were supported and contributions of performances
by our mobile team were followed up and accomplished. In other localities in the district, classes in water aerobics and step were carried out. Training of two new instructors was also done.

We had a pilot-project in the town called Elverum.
Later a treatment center was established in the village of Trysil, some two hours drive east from Moelv towards the Swedish border. There MMU’s mobile Spinlogi team worked on a monthly basis.
Also excursions were made back into the Gudbrands Valley to follow up our patients there,
while some of our team spread to Fredrikstad and Tønsberg for some time.

Came the day that Ringsaker commune bought the ‘Doktorgaard’ resulting in that we had to
move out from there and shrink our activities down to personal treatments only.

A building was found in the same town square, an old ‘worth-of-preservation’ building,
a former couching inn that served travellers in former times, a very happy and vastly popular place
where people from close and far receive instant help and relief.
There it is you can find Backyard Body Center today.

The Dean, creator of it all, Johanna Moravia
The Dean
Peter Maron at the reception of the treatment department
Peter Maron at the gym reception
The gym
The snackbar
Coffee break
The 'heavy-corner'
The 'heavy-corner' and inspiration room
Taran in the heavy-corner
Iannis and Ginn Jahr
Peter Maron and Taran
Taran and Kai Jomar
Front room
Ginn Jahr testing the ski machine
Front room
Creating the front-yard garden
Trainee-instructor Roar Skar helping as always
Reporter Kjell photographing the first step class
For the news-paper
Everyone can have a go
Demonstrating step
The boss
Preparations, Baard Keshna, Ginn Jahr and Taran
Social days in Moelv
The performance
Step-instructors Taran and Baard Keshna
Tai Chi classes, Taran instructs
Photo shoot
'Primus motor' Taran