An introduction of MSS history and activities
MoonSun Studios
is a team of two, John and Taran,
both filmmakers with enthusiasm and talent for combining
sound and picture, which has resulted in engaging films.
This is an external team that has been associated with
MMU for many years. There is ongoing exchange of experience
with MIMS through the mutual interest in the field.
MoonSun therefore has a place in the MIMS-part of this website.
The team has several projects pending and the development
of their products is a continous process pursued in their free time.
MoonSun Studios
was born
during a preliminary trip in France through Cathar country,
followed by an excursion to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.
Various smaller study projects were created during the time
before the team created ‘Window to France’, an early production,
followed by a fullblown documentary on the MT Kitty Knutsen,
  Contact: moonsunstudios@hotmail.com  Phone +4741210578
Taran and John
On location
This is fun!
- cuts from
'A year and a half onboard the  Kitty Knutsen'
- 'a piece on the now rebuild Norwegian oil tanker, its crew and their daily life onboard such a ship, isolated and far ut at sea, mostly in the stormy Northern Sea and the choppy English channel.
A most poignant and touching production well worth seeing for anyone. How the team could make such a topic
to be romantic and
an old oiltanker a piece of beauty, just shows their special insight.'