Our destination here was the town of San Miguel the Allende, a historic town founded in 1542 by the Franciscan munk Fray Juan de San Miguel and is a power spot on it’s very own. Therefore one would feel a great attraction, as many do.

San Miguel, as it is popularly called, is quite international in it’s population as many Americans and Canadians as well as people from 31 other countries have made this special town their retreat. Seated on the Mexican Alti Plano on a big plain 7000ft above sea level, it is surrounded by mountains and once was an important stop-over along the silver route from Zucatecas.

The attraction for us being the beautiful Old Monastery which had been diverted into an art school, 'Las Bellas Artes', and where the great appeal is that for a few dollars a day anyone can join and learn about art from teachers that form an international panel and willingly receive their unusual classes in an atmosphere
of ease, giving freely of their variety of skills.

San Miguel also is fortunate in having beautiful thermal baths, an unusual library growing by the month because of people leaving books behind, a bi-lingual newspaper, beautiful cathedrals and churches called healing temples. Many old colonial houses and streets, fantastic ceremonial events and fireworks, a lovely Plaza de Armas for the population’s night walk, where we detected the famous
Don Juan strolling along. San Miguel and is on the list of world inheritance.
One would want to stay.

Also on the list of world inheritance was the front-door of our rental place,
La Garita 3, with  houses and gardens and flowers and a pool and a Jacaranda
tree blooming like a giant umbrella over it all with it’s thousands of lilac clusters.
But one day our planetary schedule and our stars urged us
to be on the road again to our next destination.
Our knocker, world inheritance
The garden, Garita 3
Upper garden
Upper garden
Lower patio
Lower patio
The big Jacaranda-tree
Our pool
The view from our roof-top
Evening ambience
The yellow living-room
La Garita 3
Bellas Artes
Bellas artes
Bellas artes
Bellas artes
Bellas artes, the patio
map S.M.
San Miguel de Allende
San Miguel de Allende street
The Cathedral
San Miguelo
Wonderful to go shopping for flowers
San Miguel de Allende
San Miguel de Allende