About the Author
The Dean as a writer.
She has been a creative writer since she was a small girl.
However, her first publication was in Norway, which she made her second homeland
in the early fifties.

This was a bundle of poems by the name of 'Forbi Tiden' a visionary collection
published by Dreyer's Forlag in 1972, purchased by the Norwegian State for all libraries in Norway.
Critics spoke of resemblance to Walt Whitman and John of Revelations

Since then Johanna M. Moravia, being broadly travelled and widely-read, has successively been writing on a variety of topics drawing from a well of experience and research studies.

Through the years she also has been active as an indoor-architect, sculptor, painter, tin smith,
practicing arts and crafts, log house builder, art teacher, and the organizer of her own university.  
Contact: mims@mmu.no 
Books in the making
'Forbi Tiden'
Poems published in 1972
In Norwegian.
- Available.
'the Shores of Nimbra'
This is a book about an Oracle
and her journey on another planet.
excerptclick here
Released March 2014 at www.digitalbok.no
'Polar Circle Herbs'
About how the essence of herbs
is different north of the polar circle.
'We are not the same'
How zones on the feet can vary
between the different peoples of
the world.
'Notes on acupressure'
A collection of insight information on the effect of acupressure.
'Internal Drive'
An auto-biography in the making.
In Norwegian.
'The Prince'
A male story.
About that stuff...
Other exciting stories.
In Norwegian.
'Coffeetable Blessings'
A collection of Teachings
and their inspired collages.