Kashmir was our next target, Jupiter and Mercury waiting there for us.
Airplane to Shrinagar, the holy city. From there to the Lakes.
Five lakes rest at the bottom of the big old crater, one of them called Dal Lake,
where we lived on one of the house boats.
We rented the Iram house boat built entirely of cedar wood, 
the scent filling the rooms everywhere,
garlands and scrolls, carvings and excisions cut out so the walls were
like lace-work screens.
A thousand-and-one-night interior, and a tiny, tiny stove to make tea on 
To be cradled softly at night, that was living on the lake.
The colours like being inside a shell, all mother of pearl.
There came the flower man, and the chocolate man, and the vegetable man,
coming by in their boats every day.
The fish hawks were diving and calling to each other like a chorus.
Being paddled through the floating fields and gardens, the lake filled with lotus,
the Hima Layas rising far above the clouds, this was paradise.

However, so many clients came for treatments that the Iram started sinking
and we had to take up residence on the shore.
Which we did in Nishad high up on the terraces in Mattoo Orchards
right above the Mogul Gardens, overlooking the lake.
Our clinic was in the village right down below in Brein. There we stayed and worked,
as well as at the Bone
and Joint Hospital in Shrinagar,
until we were urged to leave, same as all white people,
because a war with Pakistan was imminent.
So we moved to the next planetary favourable spot for work in the north of India.
Dalhousie in the Himachal Pradesh.

The Iram houseboat
The Dean and Peter Maron on the sun-roof
Out shopping
Lake ambience
Peter Maron, Iannis, Baard Keshna, Ginn, Kai Jomar, Taran and Berita
Ginn watching the boat-building
Kai Jomar crossing
Kai Jomar going to Shrinagar
Taran testing the paddle
Waiting for the luggage that fell in the water to dry
View from the Iram
Taran, Kai Jomar and Peter Maron arriving in the shikara
The Iram
Touring the floating gardens
Old Shrinagar
Local living
Local household
Going to market
Chai pot
Old floating gardens
In the gardens
House boats
What do we call this one?
Hindu tourists in the shikara
Old Shrinagar
Common living condition in old Shrinagar
Also the old town
Kashmiri people
Night on the lake
Life on the Lake
House boat building on the lake
Master boat builder
The work proceeds
Launching and setting afloat
All hands!
Done done!
Moving to its place proper
Boat building
Our treatment center in Brein, close to the Nishat gardens
The center
Taran in the consultory
Baard Keshna at work
The translator
The center
Towards Nishat gardens
In the Mogul gardens
Sundown on the lake. Find the little bridge!
The Dean
Night in the Hima Layas
Hazrabal, destroyed during the last war
You found the bridge!
Our boys out paddling
The apple-orchard
Herbal course in Kokarnag, 2.020 m.
I found!
In Kokarnag gardens (kokar=bird, Nag=serpent)
The Moguls hunting lodge in Gulmarg
Gulmarg, our summer lodge in winter