Huayo Ccari

Our Spine Treatment Centre was first established
in the place called Huayo Ccari, 3840 m.

in the Sacred Inca Valley of Urubamba, situated in the high Andes. 
(Google Huayo Ccari.)
The name means “Hanged man” because the last Inca king
was chased down and murdered there by the Spanish.

Here MMU founded an International Institution for Spinology.
It was called “Cuzco Spinal Tutorium” where we tried to educate as
many persons as possible while we stayed there for one and a half year.
During that time MMU also was in collaboration with the
Universidad National San Antonio de Abad, Cuzco.

When leaving on our further journey
we left this Center behind for the natives to take over and use.
The tutoring was done for one and a half year and in three languages,
Norwegian, Spanish and Quetchua. 
Norwegian because, amazingly, as many as eight Norwegians signed up
and came all the way to stay with us.
Dr. Reginald Gold  from the ‘Institution for Spinology’ in Philadelphia,
was  requested to come over to Peru.
He was our instructor, with Marty Coppola his assistant.

We had to grow our own food, which was no problem because the gardens were
magnificent and the watering system, done by the Inca long ago, was superb.
Until we found out that the whole hill was a graveyard when sculls and
thigh bones started appearing among the parsley and the cauliflower.
However. The place was a marvel.
Still is.
Huayo Ccari seen from the main road
From the main road
From up on the hill
From above the house
Courtyard with old Inka-puma sculptures
From the garden
From the garden into Urubamba valley
From the garden into Urubamba valley
High pastures
Agave and moonrise
Fullmoon over  the courtyard
The garden
View toward Yucay
Burning to make crop-fields
Huayo Ccari
Spinology classes
Jaigi Enar Tidemann and instructor Marty Coppola
Acupress classes
Practicing spinolgy
Peter Alois Symington
Baard Keshna Flesj°
Hazi and Magnolium
Mario Orihuela de la Torre Bueno Fort
Berita Braathen, Jens Flesj° and Baard Keshna Flesj°
Magnolium practicing on Peter Alois
Practicing spinology
Reggie Gold in the class-room
Marty Coppola in the class-room
Reggie Gold instructing
Focusing in class
Classes in the hall by the Dean
Classes and students
Francisco plowing the potato-field
Plowing the potato-field
Jens Flesj° planting
Jens Flesj° in action
Good team
Iannis and Ginn Jahr
The Dean with the wives
The ceremonial potato-dance
The ceremonial potato-dance
The ceremonial presenting of the first potatoes
The meal
The wives of the field-workers
The harvest
Catusa the kitchen-chica
Juan harvesting peppers
The workers renovating the pond
The Dean supervising the renovation
The pond
Taran by the Deans new pond
Finding an old grave on the hill
Digging for bones
The only unbroken chicha-pot ever found
The Dean enjoying the rainy season
After the rain
Ginn Jahr checking the irrigation
The pool at the bottom of the garden
The pool
Fun in the pool
Ginn Jahr and Jaigi Enar Tidemann at work
Berita, Harold and Magnolium processing herbs
Tai Chi classes in the courtyard
Kai Jomar instucting the Tai Chi classes
Baard keshna Flesj° practicing The Tai Chi
More Tai Chi practice
The courtyard etc.
Fetching special grass from the mountains
Trampling the adobe
Mixing and trampling all day
Moulding the blocks in the wooden box
Moulding more blocks
Sun-drying the adobe
Sun-drying the adobe under the Trumpet-tree
Adobe making
The Dean interview tv/radio Sur w/ Antˇn Ponce de Leon
Peter Maron and the kitchen-chica
Marc Ardin
Marc Ardin and Taran
Secretary Ginn Jahr
Ginn Jahr studying in the garden
Kai Jomar
Peter Maron
The Dean and Peter Maron
Taran, Jaigi Enar Tidemann and the Dean
Marc Ardin
Marc Ardin interviewing Dr. Reginald Gold
Marc Ardin presenting at the inaugeration of 'The Cuzco Spinal Tutorium'
The hacienda-owner Don Jesus Lambari speaking
Dr. Reginald Gold, an official and Marc Ardin
The Dean speaking
Dr. Reginald Gold, an official and Don Jesus Lambari
The audience
The ceremoni. Don Jesus Lambari, Dr. Reginald Gold and the Dean
Open house for the indians every day
The inaugertation