Home farm
Home farming usually means keeping animals.
However, through all the work done on this land,
all the different projects you can read about on this site,
and what with the wild animals, the wooden fencing,
the planting of more than a hundred spruce and pine trees
on this property so as to better the local micro-climate,
the bushes and flowers, and landscaping the grounds,
you will understand that there was no time left for such.

Still, the yard-life has been lively with all the other on-goings, 
and we have turned this property into what you can see
in this section of our website.

Enjoy here what we call ‘the home farm pictures’.
The yard tree
The gate lodge, our gym
John, Taran and Baard Keshna
Peter  Maron and Marc Ardin
Kai Jomar and the Dean
Baard Keshna, Kai Jomar and Alois
The food bell
Looking for goodies
The Dean, Mario and Kai Jomar
Snow flowers
First snow
Bird feed
The birdies oats
Fullmoon at winter solstice
New Years Eve
Monks at work
Yard life
The forest gate
Christmas tree
Baard Keshna, Mario, the Dean and Marc Ardin
Kai Jomar
Kai Jomar
Taran and Baard Keshna
South gate
The Dean and Kai Jomar
Kai Jomar
Kai Jomar
Baard Keshna
'Gråtass' - our little friend
Baard Keshna and Taran
Kai Jomar
Kai Jomar
Winter joy
Baard Keshna and Bojem
Mario and Baard Keshna
Baard Keshna, Bojem and Mario
Bojem, Mario and Baard Keshna
Alois, Baard Keshna and Mario
Bojem, Alois, Baard Keshna and Mario
Bojem, Baard Keshna and Mario
The start of Kai Jomars stone wall
Kai Jomar
Taran and Kai Jomar
Jupiter and Orion
Moonlight - clear as day