Leaving Norway, following our planets through Europe.
We left Norway in a rented small airplane bringing us to
Sola Airport in Stavanger.
From where we flew to Edinburgh in Scotland to Loch Ness,
then to the Castle ruins of the last Black Douglasses.
Ferried there on a misty river by an old ferryman
who did not speak...

Did not reach the planetary window there.

Via the Dartmoore woods, to the George and Pilgrims
in Glastonbury, where we climbed to the Tor with
the known historian and author Geoffrey Ashe.
Later a young Druid showed us the holy trees
Gogh and Magogh.
From there to Tintagel, which we climbed
in the rain and on the shore we saw the cave of Merlin.

Where we stayed at a farm with an aviation garden and a goat.
From there we continued to Saintes Maries de la Mer and
the famous Gypsy gathering in Camargue.

And Geneva where we left the car to proceed to -
Visiting Vienna, Jungfrau Maria Strasse and the Palace of Schönbrunn.

Staying in the capital of Brno and, where was
the European Convention of Acu-puncturists.

Where the Dean established an esoteric society inaugurated
on the summit of Mount Olymp.
After that established and started up a Silva Method society
in Athens.
So to Samos, to the monk priests there
and to Patmos and the cave of St. John.

From Pythagorion to the ferry in Marathokabos going
to ancient Ephesus.

Via Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, living in a Kibbutz on the West Bank,
too much shooting, half the kibbutz shot away, moved to live on
the Mount Olive, overlooking the Holy City.
Bought Myrrh and Frankincense from the local desert tribe.
From there to Bethlehem, were in the Milk Grotto, lived at St. Mary’s Convent above the Shepards Fields, saw and climbed the mount of Herodium walked around in King Herod’s military garrison
cleverly hidden down inside.

Mexico next - via New York.