This is a hill land.
The hills of Ringsaker team with wild life, so much so that they approach our yard
since this is a remote place and the forest closes in. Even bears are observed regularly.
Moose are a problem, both with night driving and because they take the tops off
of everything that grows, so a farmer can loose his entire fields of spruce for future timber.
We solved the problem with building a high fence around part of our property.

The municipality consists of an area of some 600 m2, a hunting and
fishing district with around 4500 cabins, many for rent.
Hunting license can be bought for anything from trout fishing, reindeer and
moose hunting to ptarmigan and grouse shooting during seasons.
One can be in on moose safari for tourists arranged by Sjusjøen Hotel at 850 m.
If one is real tough one can walk from our place, through the woods and hills
and steadily on eastwards all the way into Russia. If one’d want to.

Some kilometres higher up the hills from our place here,
one finds the village of Mesnali, seated by a lake, this small village
is much consisting of cabins. In summer there are activities like canoeing,
rowing, horse riding, swimming and special offers for children.

Still some few kilometres higher up you would find the alpine centre by a lake,
Sjusjø Skisenter, and for cross country skiing the widest in Europe, or so it says.
There are slopes for everyone and cabins for rent everywhere as well as
a hotel and some hostels and shops. During summer there is mountain hiking.

There are many roads for biking and some further down-road from our place
is another smaller, warmer lake, for swimming and bathing.
The road-net towards the north also gives easy access to the town of Lillehammer which is 20 min.
away by car, the alpine centre Hafjell which is 40 min. away, the Jotunheim mountains where
sports such as river rafting, mountain climbing and base jumping can be practiced.
The Rondane mountain massive, of which the hills we live in are the runners, can also be easily
reached, ca. four hrs by car, where at one point is found a big hotel with gourmet food,
swimming pool, spa and luxury accommodations.
And a breathtaking view of the ‘round ones’ : the Rondane.
Sjusjøen alpine center
Sjusjøen cross coutry arena
Daily nuisance
Mesnali horse riding
Marc Ardin
The Dean
Marc Ardin
Marc Ardin
Kai Jomar
Baard Keshna, John and Kai Jomar
Kai Jomar, John and Baard Keshna
John, Taran and Baard Keshna
Marc Ardin
Marc Ardin
Baard Keshna
Kai Jomar
The Næra lake
The Næra lake
The Mesna lakes - south and north
The Mesna lake
Synn fjell - the last runners of the Jotunheim mountain range
Moose Safari
Marc Ardin sledging
On the way up
Kai Jomar, Ginn and Marc Ardin
Coming down !
Finish line !
Marc Ardin
The seven peaks of Synnfjell
Kai Jomar
Kai Jomar on Sjusjøen
Kai Jomar
Kai Jomar
Kai Jomar - rescue excercise
Bojem - rescue excercise
Night excercise. Kai Jomar