Cuzco and Arequipa
When the allotted year on the Hacienda Huayo Ccari came to an end,
we moved on to the all-Indian beautiful mystical town of Cuzco.
Surrounded by such a beautiful Indian population not as yet
having been touched, or hardly, by the modern world,
was a deeply wonderful and amazing experience.
It was like entering another world. Which of course it was.
Cuzco means ‘the world’s navel’ and that was just how it felt.
We rented a hotel up-town with a marvelous view over Cuzco
in a quiet little street, Techse Ccocha, for the continuance of our
'Spinal Turorium for South-America', to go on educating and training our students. 
This gave the Cuzceño people an opportunity to come and have treatments
or spine regulations, and our trainees the chance to try their new skills.
It came to be very popular and between fifty and seventy persons
were treated every day during our stay there.
Some of our staff now went in advance to our next aim, the town of Arequipa,
to secure localities and establish ahead.
Down-town at first in a house in Calle Peral, for a start.
From there Taran found a vacant embassy house in the park called
Selba Alegre, preparing for the entire University to come after.

In Selba Alegre all worked hard, as the students were seasoned trainees
by now and worked under supervision of the Dean and staff.
A hundred persons a day were treated successfully there;
people came from Lima with airplane even...
Arequipa is a desert town seated on a plain beneath seven volcanoes,
two of which are active, the one really awake called Misty.
Circle irrigation outside town gave rich crop to the population.
We stayed until we must return to Norway, our planets calling us onwards
to India.
Cuzco from the roof-top
The center in Calle Techsecocha
Iannis, trainee at work
Mario Orihuela de la Torre Bueno Fort at his exams
Jens Flesjų at exams
The inaugeration of Anton Ponce de Leon's center
The inaugeration
Anton Ponce de Leon receiving his diploma
The center in Calle Peral. Peter Alois Symington, Berita Braathen, Taran and Peter Maron
Arriving Arequipa, La Misti in the background
Flying over 'La Misti' the volcano
Kai Jomar at the airport
The Dean and Peter Maron at the airport
La Misti
Taran and La Misti
Our Spinologi-clinic in Selva Alegre
Peter Alois Symington and Jens Flesjų at the center-door
Baard Keshna Flesjų and Peter Alois Symington
Our translator Luis helping with the appointments
The secretary, Ginn Jahr, in his office
Peter Maron at leisure in the garden
Plaza de Armas in Cuzco
The group on the Plaza de Armas
Locals on the hill above Cuzco
The blind harpist and his wife
Our center