Listen with a silence in your mind. You can then feel the flow of energy between yourself and others.

How do you calm your emotions?
Listen to the slightly negative feelings within before they create a crises.
If you do not listen to the lower level of intensity, your emotions will grow stronger and even more negative. Feelings want to be acknowledged !

It is the same as when spoken to when people depreciate, they will speak stronger if you do not listen and they will drain you until you ‘get it’.

When you begin to notice situations that are under-valuating you, or demanding too much of you, clear the negative energy.

First - remain straight and strong and centered in your body.
Do not lean backward or forward.
When you are with people train to put your feelings into words - even if only inside yourself.

Putting your feelings into words is very powerful in cleansing other people’s energy from your space.

Sharing words.
If you sometimes cannot, go outside or somewhere and say it out loud for the wind or space to take it. Or write it on a piece of paper which you instantly burn.
Getting it out of your body is important.
Is a process of cleansing, healing, longevity and rejuvenation.
Emotions can block your energies. That again creates poisons in the body.
Cleanse your own space in this way.